Quick Answer: Why Do Dallas Cowboys Wear White At Home?

In 1964, Tex Schramm started the tradition of the Cowboys wearing their white jersey at home, contrary to an unofficial rule that teams should wear colored jerseys at home.

Schramm did this because he wanted fans to see a variety of opponents’ colors at home games.

How many NFL teams wear white at home?

Through the first seven weeks of the season, 15 teams have decided to wear their white jerseys at home. Nine have done it more than once. Through 103 games, 30 times teams have worn their whites at home rather than the traditional darks (29 percent). In those games, the white-wearing home teams are 16-14.

What football teams wear white at home?

The teams that do it most often are Dallas and Miami. The Buccaneers, Panthers, Saints, Eagles, Jets, Bills, Browns, Bengals, Chargers, Texans, Titans, and Jaguars also wear their jerseys at home. The Patriots and Rams have worn their white jerseys at home in the past.

Why do the Cowboys wear green pants?

Turns out it’s because they are. Tex Schramm designed them that unique shade because, on TV, it came across blue-gray-silver. “When fans go to our home games in person the No. 1 grief we hear about is the green pants,” says Cowboys vice president of merchandising Bill Priakos.

What color pants do the Dallas Cowboys wear?

The Cowboys Star Blue, which is the pants you see with the home white jerseys now, actually originated with Tex Schramm.

Why do teams wear white at home?

Because dark colors absorb and retain more heat. Instead, the home team in an NFL game chooses to wear either white or colored jerseys, and the visiting team has to wear the opposite. But while this format allows for the warm-weather strategy of wearing white at home, it also invites mischievous counter-strategies.

Do NFL teams wear white at home?

National Football League. Most teams choose to wear their colour jerseys at home, with the road team changing to white in most cases. The NFL’s current rules require that a team’s home jerseys must be “either white or official team color” throughout the season, “and visiting clubs must wear the opposite”.

Why do football teams have 3 kits?

Association football

Away kits were often similar as well, therefore third kits were worn in the 1948 FA Cup Final by Manchester United and the 1950 final by Arsenal. Third kits in international football are less common, both teams are advised to change colours in the event of a home kit clashing.

Why does LSU always wear white?

The tradition started in 1958, when Coach Paul Dietzel decided that LSU would wear white jerseys for home games. Then in 1983, new NCAA rules prohibited teams from wearing white jerseys at home. Because of this, LSU wore purple jerseys during home games from 1983 to 1994.

What colors make navy blue?

Navy blue is a very dark blue. You can get navy blue by adding black to the blue you already have. I always mix an intense blue and add black to make a navy colour.

What are the Dallas Cowboy colors?



Navy blue

Royal blue


How much is the Dallas Cowboys worth?

The Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable team in the NFL as of 2019, based on Forbes valuations. The Cowboys have had the most valuable franchise for 12 straight years, with a value of $5 billion, up 4% from 2018.

When was the last time the Cowboys won a playoff game?

The last road playoff victory for the Cowboys was the 1992 NFC Championship Game (played on January 17, 1993) at Candlestick Park. The Cowboys beat the 49ers to earn the right to play in Super Bowl XXVII which would be the first of three Cowboys’ Super Bowl championships in the 1990s.

Can the Dallas Cowboys win the Super Bowl?






What do you wear to a Cowboys game?

Wear your colors PROUD. A Dallas Cowboys jersey or Cowboys shirt is a must. People are hard core about their football teams and Dallas is NO exception. Make sure that if you are a Dallas Cowboys fan and not wearing a shirt, that you are wearing the Cowboys colors: navy blue, white and gray.