Who Made The First 3 Point Shot In College Basketball?

Chris Ford

When was the 3 point shot introduced in college basketball?

The league didn’t adopt the 3-pointer until 1979–Magic Johnson and Larry Bird’s rookie season. While certain college basketball conferences experimented with it in the early ’80s, the NCAA didn’t universally implement a 3-point line until 1986, with high school basketball following suit a year later.

Who invented the three point line in basketball?

The three point line was brought into the NBA during the rookie season of legends Larry Bird and Magic Johnson or the year 1979. The first three was made the same year by Chris Ford, who is officially credited to “inventing” the shot, but Kevin Grevey made one the same day at a later time.

Who has the most 3 pointers in NCAA history?

The career record for three-point attempts is held by Travis Bader of Oakland, who had held the record for made threes before Magee broke it in the first round of the 2019 NCAA tournament.

What is a three point shot in basketball?

The NBA introduced the 3-point shot in the 1979-80 season as a way to reward players for making shots from long distance. In the NBA, the 3-point line is 23-feet, 9-inches away from the basket, with the exception of the corners, where the line is 22 feet away from the basket.