Question: Who Got More Rings In The NBA?

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Jim Loscutoff

Frank Ramsey

John Havlicek

Tom Heinsohn

KC Jones

Satch Sanders

Sam Jones

Which NBA players have the most rings?

The 39 NBA players with the most rings

  • Jim Loscutoff – 7 championships.
  • Frank Ramsey – 7 championships.
  • John Havlicek – 8 championships.
  • Tom Heinsohn – 8 championships.
  • KC Jones – 8 championships.
  • Tom Sanders – 8 championships.
  • Sam Jones – 10 championships.
  • Bill Russell – 11 championships. Bill Russell has more rings than fingers to put them on.

Who has 7 rings in the NBA?

NBA Championships: Players With Most Championship Rings.

7Robert Horry
7Jim Loscutoff
7Frank Ramsey
6Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

32 more rows

Which team in the NBA has never won a championship?

NBA Teams Without a Championship

TeamLast Finals AppearanceSeasons in NBA
Minnesota TimberwolvesNever29
Orlando Magic200929
Charlotte HornetsNever28
Toronto RaptorsNever23

8 more rows

Who has won the NBA Finals?

This is a list with all the NBA teams that have won at least one NBA Championship.

17Boston Celtics
16Los Angeles Lakers
6Chicago Bulls
6Golden State Warriors

16 more rows