Quick Answer: What Is The Dugout Box At Busch Stadium?

What is a drink rail seat at Busch Stadium?

During the game, you’ll receive all you can eat food and alcohol from a set menu delivered to your seats from a group of waiters.

The entrances and restrooms are all private.

You’ll also be given a parking pass for every 2 tickets in your possession.

The Cardinals Club is one of the best experiences at Busch Stadium.

What is included in the diamond box at Busch Stadium?

Diamond Box, Padded Seats, 4th Row behind Dugout, Each ticket includes $5 to the concession stand per game.

Which dugout is home team at Busch Stadium?

At which side of Busch Stadium is the visitor’s dugout? — The visitor dugout is located on the west side of the stadium, in front of Sections 155-158.

What are the best seats at Busch Stadium?

St. Louis Cardinals Loge Seating (200 Level)

The 200 level at Busch Stadium has some of the most desirable seats for catching a St Louis Cardinals game. The Redbird Club Seats are the most popular in the 200 level and include the Infield Redbird Club and the Home Redbird Club seats.