What Flex Hockey Stick Should I Get?

Ideally, the flex should be approximately one half of your body weight.

Players over 150 pounds should use a stick with at least 75 flex.

Players with above average strength for their size should consider a stiffer stick while new players may want to go down a level.

An average flex is 85.

What flex hockey stick do pros use?

Defenders almost universally use higher flex sticks. Zdeno Chara, at 6-9 and 256 pounds, uses a 150-160 flex stick regularly, twice as stiff as Ovechkin. Dustin Byfuglien and Shea Weber use 122 flex sticks, but Weber increases this to 130 flex for the hardest shot competitions.

Does hockey stick flex matter?

Points to take away: The actual flex rating on a hockey stick doesn’t change when cut down, just the feel! The relationship between the height and flex of a stick is very important, but the amount of material you may cut/or ad doesn’t matter.

How much flex do you lose when you cut a hockey stick?

As a general rule every 2 inches you cut off will increase the flex by 10. An 85 flex stick cut down 2 inches will now be a 95 flex hockey stick.

How do I choose a flex stick?



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