What Does Blue Mean On Ticketmaster?

Blue means there are some seats within the section that match your selected price range and/or ticket options.

What do blue seats mean on Ticketmaster?

Blue means the section has seats that match your search (the darker the blue, the more seats in the section that match). Gray means the section is sold out or doesn’t have seats that match your search.

What do the different shades of blue mean on Ticketmaster?

Dark blue means the seat is available and matches your search. Light blue means the seat is available but doesn’t match your search (you can still buy it). Red means the seat is being sold by a fan (you can turn off fan-to-fan resale above the map).

What does Standard admission mean on Ticketmaster?

General Admission refers to seating or standing areas that are not assigned or reserved, and are occupied on a first-come, first-served basis. Ticketmaster cannot guarantee seating for any event that is sold as General Admission.

What does aisle seat offer mean on Ticketmaster?

Aisle seats are the seats on the ends of each row. These seats are usually preferred because they provide a little extra space on one side and they are easy to get up from if needed. This means all of the tickets the seller has in that listing must be purchased in order to guarantee a seat on the aisle.

How do I choose my exact seat on Ticketmaster?

Click a section to zoom in on seats, click the seats to select them (hover over a seat first to see price/details), then click Buy Tickets to check out. Note: Seats you select aren’t officially reserved (i.e., other fans can still buy them) until you click Buy Tickets and pass the security check.

What does best seats mean on Ticketmaster?

Ticketmaster, which is owned by concert promoter Live Nation, argued that customers were likely to interpret the phrase “best available tickets” to mean the best available at the time they were making their booking.

What do the colors mean on SeatGeek?

What does a blue dot or blue Deal Score mean? Blue is the color assigned to ticket listings for which Deal Score cannot be calculated. This usually happens when SeatGeek can’t make sense of the ticket information that is provided on the seller’s website.

How do you unlock seats on Ticketmaster?

How do I unlock an offer on an interactive seat map?

  • Click the Ticket Type button above the map.
  • Then the checkbox that corresponds to your offer.
  • Enter your code if prompted to.

What does WC mean on Ticketmaster?

WC generally means there is no seat there – it is an open seating area so that a wheelchair can fit there. Report inappropriate content. angucky. Nottingham, United Level Contributor.