Quick Answer: What Are Club Level Seats At Cowboys Stadium?

Club Seats behind the Cowboys bench start at C111 and run to C115.

Club Seats behind the Visitors bench start at C133 to C138.

The non-club sections in the 100-level corner sections are 129, 128, 127, 126, 118, 119, 120, 101, 102, 103, 142, 143, 144 and 145.

What is the club level at Cowboys Stadium?

There are three different tiers of club seating at AT&T Stadium, in the 100, 200 and 300 levels. All club levels will provide access to private entrances, premium club lounges, upscale food and beverage options, plus wider and padded seats. The 100 level club seats, AKA The Hall of Fame are located along the sidelines.

What are club mezzanine seats at Cowboys Stadium?

Dallas Cowboys Mezzanine Club Seating

Steeper seating than the other club seating options, but with just 16 numbered rows in each section it will still be easy for fans to get to and from the seats.

What is Hall of Fame seating at Cowboys Stadium?

The Hall of Fame club seats are the field level club seats and consists of sections C109-C112 and C134-C137. All of the Hall of Fame club seats are centrally located directly behind each team’s sideline.

Are there any bad seats at AT&T Stadium?

AT&T Stadium is located in Arlington, Texas, just a short drive from Dallas and is the home of the Dallas Cowboys. The stadium seats 80,000 people with an additional 25,000 standing room only tickets.

How much do Cowboys tickets cost?

Currently, Dallas Cowboys prices range from $45 to $42353, with a current median price of $321. There are always great deals to be found at Vivid Seats. Currently, Cowboys tickets start at just $45.

Where are the best seats at AT&T Stadium?

Best Seats for Great Views of the Field at AT&T Stadium. Sitting near midfield at AT&T Stadium for a football game will not only provide an ideal viewing perspective for the action on the field, but also gives you a great angle to the incredible sideline facing videoboards.

How are the seats numbered at AT&T Stadium?

The rows in the floor sections are typically numbered from 1 up to 30, whereas the seats are numbered from 1 up to 30, ascending right to left when looking at the stage. Surrounding the floor are Hall of Fame, Main, Mezzanine & Upper Concourse level sections numbered 101-150, 201-250 & 301-350, 401-460.

What is the temperature inside AT&T Stadium?

over a year ago. The inside part is climate controlled, so between 68 and 76 degrees.

Is the Cowboy stadium air conditioned?

There is an energy about the stadium that you can feel the moment you enter whether you are attending a Cowboys game, watching a concert or touring the stadium. Since AT&T Stadium is technically considered a room, it is the largest air conditioned room in the entire world.