Quick Answer: Is Ron Maclean Married?

Is Ron Mclean married?

Cari MacLean

Who is Don Cherry married to now?

Luba Cherry

m. 1999

Rosemarie Cherry

m. 1957–1997

What is Ron MacLean salary?

He is a known tv sportscaster and is also a hockey referee. The resident of Oakville, Ontario, Ronald Joseph Corbett “Ron” MacLean, reportedly earns around $1 million dollars, as his yearly salary from the network, and as of 2019, he reportedly has an estimated net worth of over $3 million dollars.

What is the net worth of Don Cherry?

Don Cherry net worth: Don Cherry is a Canadian ice hockey commentator, retired professional hockey player, and NHL coach who has a net worth of $14 million. Donald Stewart Cherry was born in Kingston, Ontario, Canada in February 1934.

Is Ron MacLean leaving CBC?

After 17 years as the host of Hockey Night in Canada, Ron MacLean will be replaced by the CBC after the two sides failed to reach agreement on a new contract. Arguably the best-known face on CBC TV, MacLean was upset that the contract negotiations had ended in failure.

Where is Ron MacLean?

The couple live in Oakville, an affluent suburb west of Toronto. They both spent their teenage years in Red Deer, Alberta, and have been together since 1978, when Ron, in Grade 12, became smitten with the Grade 10 point guard who, he later realized, looked like Jennifer Beals from Flashdance.

Does Don Cherry have a daughter?

Cindy Cherry

Does Don Cherry have any children?

Tim Cherry


Cindy Cherry


Does Don Cherry have a son?

Tim Cherry

What did Ron MacLean do?

Ron MacLean. Ronald Joseph Corbett MacLean (born April 12, 1960) is a Canadian sportscaster for the CBC and Rogers Media who is best known as the host of Hockey Night in Canada from 1986 to 2014 and 2016 to present, and is also a hockey referee.

Was Ron MacLean a referee?

Ron MacLean’s Career as a Hockey Referee. On Episode 33 of the Team Stripes Podcast we got to speak with longtime Hockey Night in Canada broadcaster, Ron MacLean. While he is best known for his broadcasting career, he also had quite the career in stripes, as he was a referee for 23 years.

When did Don Cherry’s dog died?

Blue (Don Cherry’s dog) Blue was a white Bull Terrier owned by hockey commentator Don Cherry. Blue was reportedly a gift from the members of the Boston Bruins when Cherry was their head coach from 1974 to 1979. The original Blue, who died in 1989, was a female.

How much does Don Cherry make a year?

Cherry earns about $1 million a year, which is less than market value, but he does not care.

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How much money does Ron MacLean make a year?

With everything in, it’s Hockey Night in Canada host Ron MacLean. His annual salary at the CBC is about $500,000. But that amount is matched by big dollars earned from speaking engagements, which fetch $10,000 to $25,000 an appearance. His annual income is $1-million or more.

Why is Don Cherry’s nickname grapes?

Nicknamed “Grapes” (a play on his last name and “sour grapes”), Cherry’s blunt, direct, and occasionally controversial opinions have for years drawn the ire, and admiration, of hockey fans across the country.

How old is Doug MacLean?

65 years (April 12, 1954)

Does Don Cherry have any siblings?

Dick Cherry