How Much Do NBA Refs Make In The Finals?

How much do NBA refs make in the playoffs?

Tim Donaghy, a former NBA official, said the referees can earn additionally $75,000 to $100,000 in the playoffs if they listen to the NBA’s recommendations.

But they most likely get bonuses for the efficient and good work which increase their salaries further.

Who is the highest paid NBA referee?

We present you ours top 10 highest paid NBA Referees.

  • Zack Zarba-Salary:100,000$
  • Tim Donaghy – Salary: 110,000$
  • Steve Javie – Salary:112,000$
  • Haywoode Wilvon Workman –Salary: 115,000$
  • Danny Crawford – Salary: 120,000$
  • Ron Garretson – Salary : 127,000$
  • Ken Mauer – Salary: 145,000$
  • Joseph Crawford– Salary. 166,000$

How much do NBA refs make 2018?

Annual Salary Of NBA Refs. Depending on the experience, the usual earning per season of referees in the NBA ranges from $150,000 (entry-level) to $550,000 (senior). To put it plainly, the more experience an NBA ref gains, the higher his salary.

How much do refs make per game?

I know that college basketball referees (D-1 men’s NCAA games) make over $2,000 per game and work about 70 games per season. Therefore, the NBA referees will start at closer to $200,000 per year.