How Much Did The First Super Bowl Ticket Cost?

The average face value ticket took a significant jump of $150.00 from the prior year to reach $800.00 face value for the game.

A crowd of 71,101 saw the game live.

The game drew a television audience of 97.5 million viewers, falling just short of being the first Super Bowl to be watched by 100 million viewers.

How much were tickets to first Super Bowl?

A ticket to the first Super Bowl cost spectators as little as $6 in 1967. This year, to see the Eagles and Patriots, you may end up paying more than $5,000 if you’re buying from a secondary website.

How much is a Super Bowl ticket for 2019?

A single ticket for Super Bowl 2019 starts at $3,295 on Ticketmaster. But the tickets only come in pairs and there’s a hefty service fee, so the final cost is much higher.

How much are tickets to Super Bowl?

Individual tickets to attend the Super Bowl in-person hit a record high last year, and this year’s game is shaping up to be no different. Last year, the average resale ticket price was $5,682, according to SeatGeek, while 2017 prices were $4,487.

How much is the most expensive Super Bowl ticket?

Then there are those who can’t simply sit on the couch and have to see the game in person instead. And the most expensive tickets purchased thus far are eight seats on the New England Patriots’ side of the 50-yard line, totaling a whopping $180,675 ($22,584.37 per seat).