Question: How Much Are Tickets To The 2018 World Series?

According to data from SeatGeek, the price of the average ticket purchased typically falls as the game nears.

For example, while the average ticket sold for game 1 of the 2018 World Series in Boston sold for nearly $1,200 four days before the game, tickets sold the day of the game average only about $630.25 Oct 2018

How much is a ticket to the World Series?

World Series ticket prices can vary depending on the matchup, location, and point in the series. On average, World Series tickets resell for about $1000, and tickets for games earlier in the Series tend to be at a price point below this average while the later games can be more expensive.

How much do World Series tickets cost 2018?

There are more tickets available at Dodger Stadium than at Fenway, so the prices are lower. The average price for Games 3, 4 and 5 is $1,290, down 54 percent from the 2017 World Series. That average price dip from 2017 to 2018 doesn’t reflect disinterest from the fans, though.23 Oct 2018

How do you get tickets to the World Series?


  • Be prepared to pay a large amount for tickets.
  • Enter a World Series ticket Sweepstakes or contest.
  • Buy season tickets for your favorite team.
  • Purchase tickets in advance from a team’s website or stadium.
  • Go to or Ticketmaster’s Ticket Exchange.
  • Check the teams’ websites regularly.

How much are tickets behind home plate at Dodger Stadium?

The average Dodgers Tickets price for a home game at the Dodger Stadium is currently $88.00 per ticket. The average get’in price is $17.00 per ticket.

What is the most expensive World Series ticket?

The most expensive was the Chicago Cubs in 2016, when Wrigley Field World Series tickets averaged $6,641.

Do season ticket holders get World Series tickets?

The Dodgers announced their postseason ticket prices Wednesday, in a letter sent to season-ticket holders. As such, the lowest single-game price for a World Series ticket would be $231. The Dodgers have not yet announced when single game tickets go on sale.

What happens if you buy World Series tickets?

If you bought your ticket off StubHub or Ticketmaster, you’ll get an automatic refund, though the site may keep their fees. This makes casually buying late-series playoff tickets from strangers a gamble: The game may or may not be played, and you may or may not be able to get your money back.

How much are front row World Series tickets?

The average price for a ticket for any game ranges from $700 dollars to $1,700. But according to a ticket broker in Boston, one person paid $20,000 for a pair of front row seats. Tuesday morning on StubHub, the cheapest ticket to get through the gates at Fenway is $492.

How much are season tickets to Red Sox?

The Season Ticket Listings | Boston Red Sox on there list from $47/game ($3807/season) for grandstand seats to $1200/game ($97,000/season) for first row behind the Red Sox dugout and $1500 ($121,500/season) for field box club seats in row AAA.

Who hosts the World Series 2018?

Boston Red Sox

Can you buy World Series tickets at Dodger Stadium?

Tickets for possible World Series games played at Dodger Stadium are not currently available.

What time does World Series start?

The postseason will begin on October 1. The World Series is set to begin on October 22 and a potential Game 7 would be played on October 30. The entire schedule was released on August 22, 2018. The 90th Major League Baseball All-Star Game was held on July 9 at Progressive Field, home of the Cleveland Indians.