Question: How Much Are The Fees For Vivid Seats?

Vivid Seats’ service fees are reported to run from 20% to 40% of the original ticket price.

(This is where the site makes its money, after all.) Additional fees, like shipping, can be as much as $25 or as little as $7.

There are many comments on Vivid Seats and on independent feedback sites citing their great service.

How much does Vivid Seats charge to sell tickets?

It is absolutely free to list your tickets on Vivid Seats! Once your tickets sell, you will pay an industry low 10% commission which will be deducted from your total sale price. This fee is in place so we can ensure a hassle-free transaction between you and the buyer of your tickets.

Is Vivid Seats good to buy from?

When looking to buy sports, concert, or theater tickets, it’s hard to find an honest company with a solid guarantee, a good reputation, excellent customer support, and cheap ticket prices. To be clear, Vivid Seats is a legitimate business that does hundreds of millions of dollars in ticket sales each year.

How much are fees on Ticketmaster?

A drop-down menu tells you that the $30 is actually $40.30. It’s not until one clicks through the site that the fees are broken down, with a $2.50 facility charge, which goes to the venue operator, and a $7.80 “convenience charge,” some of which goes to Ticketmaster, the promoter, credit card companies and artists.

How do you buy tickets on Vivid Seats?

Once you’ve found the tickets you’d like to purchase, select the quantity of tickets you need, and then click the red “Buy” button to proceed to checkout. 6. The checkout window contains the order summary on the left side of the page.

Does Vivid Seats sell legit tickets?

Yes, Vivid seats are 100% reliable & legit. They do have a million dollar business & does sell millions of tickets every year. Also they have huge online database with millions of customers.

Are Vivid Seats tickets guaranteed?

Vivid Seats offers a 100 percent Buyer Guarantee to ensure order accuracy, buyer privacy, and timely delivery of your tickets.

Does Vivid Seats sell real tickets?

Listing tickets on Vivid Seats is free! Once tickets sell, a 10% seller fee will be deducted from your total sale price. You may not list or sell tickets before you own them.

Is Vivid Seats owned by Ticketmaster?

Online ticket marketplace Vivid Seats is looking to sell for $1.5 billion. Vivid Seats might not have the same name recognition as Ticketmaster or StubHub, but the Chicago-based firm has been a force in selling seats at concerts, theaters and sports events.

Is Vivid Seats better than StubHub?

StubHub vs. Vivid Seats-Overall

Vivid Seats definitely gives a face-off to StubHub and has much better deals. But in general perspective, Vivid Seats is more preferred due to its lower prices and wonderful customer service.

Does Ticketmaster offer discounts?

To order tickets by phone, please call Ticketmaster National Sales at 1-800-745-3000. Save up to 50% on an amazing live experience! See all deals in your area, or choose a specific offer type below. Events with select tickets $40 & under!

Why are Ticketmaster fees so expensive?

Ticket prices are usually determined by the venue and performer so if the performer is popular and demand is high, then ticket price is expensive. Ticketmaster and all resale sites charge so called Service Fee which is going to be their revenue.

How do I avoid Ticketmaster fees?

Avoid Ticketmaster: Don’t get scammed when buying concert tickets

  • Never buy during the initial sale. Buying initially only sets you up to pay a price that you could evidently pay less for.
  • Follow your local venues.
  • Set up price alerts.
  • Wait until the day of the concert to buy a ticket.