Question: How Much Are Courtside Lakers Season Tickets?

For as low as $38 a game, which comes out to about around $1,600 on the year, you could watch Lakers’ games from the upper deck all year long.

More shocking, however, is the relatively low price of courtside tickets, which are $315 a ticket, $13,000 a seat on the season.

How much are Lakers season tickets 2019?

How Much Are 2019-20 Los Angeles Lakers Tickets. On the secondary market, the average asking price for a Los Angeles Lakers home game is $549 – the highest in the league, and the highest of the decade for a home Lakers game at Staples Center. The next priciest ticket is $442 for a Golden State Warriors home game.

How much are courtside NBA season tickets?

That price was pretty steep when the NBA’s reigning Terrific Trio made its Heat debut in 2010. A ticket on the floor went for about $12,000. Today the cost for most courtside Heat seats has gone down significantly, while the quality of play is higher than ever.

How much are courtside playoff tickets?

A pair of courtside tickets to Monday’s Game 5 of the NBA Finals in Oakland—where the Golden State Warriors won their second championship in three years over the Cleveland Cavaliers—sold for a jaw-dropping $133,000, or more than twice the median price of a house in Cleveland.

How many season ticket holders do the Lakers have?

Inside the politics of the most coveted chairs in Hollywood.

First things first. There are no season tickets available anywhere in the 21,000-seat Staples Center, the downtown L.A. venue that has an annual sports revenue of more than $300 million, according to Forbes.

What NBA team has the cheapest tickets?

Average NBA ticket price per team

NBA Teams2016-172015-16
Brooklyn Nets87.0083.00
Charlotte Hornets85.0064.00
Chicago Bulls97.00105.00
Cleveland Cavaliers150.00195.00

6 more rows

How should I dress for courtside seats?

If you have plans immediately after the game to go out to dinner or see a show, dressing casually is a common practice for NBA courtside seats. Denim jeans, khaki pants, button-down shirts and polo-style shirts are acceptable choices.

Who sits courtside at Raptors?

MARTIN: Game 1 against the Golden State Warriors is tonight at home in Toronto. So you know Bhatia will be sitting courtside.

What NBA team has the cheapest courtside tickets?

Here’s How Much A Courtside Seat Costs In Every NBA Arena

  • 24 Dallas Mavericks – $200.
  • 25 Cleveland Cavaliers (Quicken Loans Arena) – $2,500.
  • 26 Chicago Bulls (United Center) -$1,000.
  • 27 Charlotte Hornets (Spectrum Center) – $1,480.
  • 28 Brooklyn Nets (Barclays Center) – $475 to $1,250+
  • 29 Boston Celtics (TD Garden) – $1,200.
  • 30 Atlanta Hawks (Phillips Arena) – $450.

How much are courtside Bulls tickets?

Bulls hike courtside prices, keep other tickets flat

But one group is getting a big price hike: those with court-side seats. Those 130 tickets, which last year ranged from $1,500 to $2,200 are going up by $100 apiece per game as the team adds a new VIP club that will feature all-inclusive food and beverages.

Is Vividseats reliable?

Yes, Vivid seats are 100% reliable & legit. They do have a million dollar business & does sell millions of tickets every year.

Does Jack Nicholson own part of the Lakers?

Jack Nicholson Will Have You Removed from Your Lakers Seats If You Pollute His Sight Line with Celtics Gear. Later, Menounos said, she discovered that Nicholson had called the late Jerry Buss, former majority owner of the Lakers, and had them removed.

Does NBA season tickets include playoffs?

Playoff tickets are not included in your season ticket package. However, all Full Season Ticket Holders receive the opportunity to purchase their Season Ticket seat location for all home playoff games. Playoff information will be mailed to you.

What time do doors open for Lakers game?

For Lakers, Clippers and Kings games, doors for Suite and Premier ticket holders open 2 hours prior to the start of the game. Doors for all other ticketed guests open 1 ½ hours prior to the start of the game.

What should I wear to a NBA game?

Sneakers – Don’t be afraid to wear sneakers if you are going to the basketball game. There are so many cute options for athletic shoes that any lady can find a pair she loves. Try them with skinny jeans, a fun T-shirt, and a cool leather jacket. Go with a simple pair or spice it up with bright colors or cool prints.

Is it OK to wear heels to a basketball game?

It’s totally fine to wear heels to a game, like Kendall’s python boots. Just make sure they’re balanced with casual gear.

How should I dress for a wrestling match?

Every wrestler must be clean, have fingernails trimmed and have proper attire before each practice. Athletic shorts or sweatpants, t-shirt and clean socks are mandatory. No exceptions. You can wear headgear (recommended), wrestling shoes, and a mouth guard also.