How Many Season Ticket Holders Do The Seahawks Have?

61,500 season ticket holders

How much are season tickets for the Seahawks?

2016 Season Ticket Pricing

Season Tickets purchased 2008 or PriorSeason Tickets purchased 2009 or After
Club 3$2650 / season$2750 / season
Club 4$2100/ season$2200 / season
Charter A$1600 / season$1600 / season
Charter B$1400 / season$1600 / season

3 more rows

What is a season ticket holder?

In sports, such as association football or American football, a season ticket grants the holder access to all regular-season home games for one season without additional charges. Seats assigned to season tickets are generally the better ones in their seating section.

How many season ticket holders do the Patriots have?

Patriots season tickets have been sold out since 1994. It cost $100 per seat to get on The List.

Can you transfer Seahawks season tickets?

A: You can do both! You have the option to use your Season Ticket Card to scan right into the gates on gameday, or you can use your mobile tickets through Seahawks Account Manager on the Seahawks Mobile App.

What team has the longest waiting list for season tickets?

Green Bay Packers

Do season ticket holders get Super Bowl tickets?

Season ticket holders are automatically entered into a lottery for their chance to buy primary SB tickets. But not every season ticket holder is equal: preference is given to those whose team has made it to the Super Bowl, the number and type of seats you own, and how long you’ve owned said seats.

How long does a season ticket last?

Monthly Season Tickets

You will save even more by buying a monthly Season Ticket. It doesn’t have to be just one month – choose how long you want the Season Ticket to last, from one month to one year and anything in between.

Does Season Ticket include return journey?

You can use your Season Ticket up to, and including, its expiry date for any number of journeys between the stations and/or within the zone(s) shown on it at any time of day. With First Class Season Tickets you may travel in the First Class or Standard Class areas of the train.

How much does it cost to be a Lakers season ticket holder?

For as low as $38 a game, which comes out to about around $1,600 on the year, you could watch Lakers’ games from the upper deck all year long. More shocking, however, is the relatively low price of courtside tickets, which are $315 a ticket, $13,000 a seat on the season.