Question: How Long Does It Take For Ticketmaster To Deliver Tickets?

10-14 days

How far in advance do Ticketmaster send tickets?

We send most of our tickets out by standard post, so they’ll usually arrive within 72 hours of being sent. If you’ve booked standing tickets or tickets to big open-air events like a festival, we’ll usually send them by secure post with Royal Mail.

When should I receive my tickets from Ticketmaster?

As soon as we receive them in, we’ll update this page to let you know. You’ll also see the Order Status in your account change to show that your tickets have been printed. The latest you should expect your tickets is around 5 days before the show, but we always aim to send them out sooner than that wherever possible.

What happens if Ticketmaster tickets don’t arrive?

If it’s two days before the event and you’re still waiting for your tickets, Click Here to contact Fan Support. We’ll make sure you can pick them up at the venue’s will call window (no extra charge). If your tickets arrive in the mail in the meantime, tear them up!30 Nov 2018

Can I track my Ticketmaster tickets?

The shipping tracking number is available 24 hours after your order in the My Account section. Tracking of your order tracking number is possible as soon as your order is supported by the postal service, usually within four days following its issue by us.

How do I receive tickets from Ticketmaster?

To accept tickets via desktop or laptop computer:

  • Locate the email with the details about the ticket transfer.
  • Within the email, click “Accept Tickets”.
  • To finalize the transfer, you’ll need to Log in to your Ticketmaster account the tickets were transferred to.

How long does it take for E tickets to come through?

We can generally have your tickets issued and your confirmation numbers emailed to you within 48 hours, sometimes less. In rare cases, it can take up to 72 hours.

How do I get my tickets from Ticketmaster?

Yes, if you bought online:

  1. Click View My Tickets in your confirmation email, or go to My Account and then Orders and click the event.
  2. Click the View & Print Tickets button next to your event parking and print away! (There’ll be another View & Print Tickets button next to your tickets.)

Where are my tickets from Ticketmaster?

Tickets bought online at will automatically appear in your account. Click “My Account” at the top right of any page on our site and sign in to view the tickets under “View All Orders.” You can confirm your purchase along with delivery status, seat locations, total charges, and more!

How long does it take for concert tickets to arrive?

If you chose standard post, please give it until 5 days before the event for your tickets to arrive – even once they’ve left us, it can sometimes take a bit longer than expected to get through the postal network. Don’t worry though – if they still haven’t arrived by 5 days before, just contact us and we’ll get you in.