Question: How Does SeatGeek Deliver Tickets?

Thanks to a new feature, when you buy a ticket on SeatGeek, you’ll no longer have to print out a PDF or (shudder) wait for someone to put your physical tickets in the mail.

Instead, the tickets will be delivered through the app, giving you a mobile barcode that will be scanned when you reach the venue.

How do I get my tickets on SeatGeek?

You can upload e-ticket PDFs on and in the iOS or Android app. Visit My Tickets on your computer and you’ll see a box near the top of the page with some more information to help you get started. On iOS, head over to the My Tickets tab where you’ll find a helpful Add button in the top right corner.

How long does it take for SeatGeek to send tickets?

While most tickets on SeatGeek are E-Tickets that are uploaded to your account within 48 hours of the event, it’s possible to receive your tickets via another delivery method. If you don’t know how your tickets will be delivered, don’t worry!

Can you get scammed on SeatGeek?

Your tickets should not ever be fraudulent. But, should you ever receive a fraudulent ticket, you should contact the vendor you purchased from right away and they will facilitate your refund. If that vendor is SeatGeek, get in touch with them at

What happens if my tickets don’t sell on SeatGeek?

If a Buyer does not receive their Tickets in a timely manner, or the Buyer receives Tickets that do not match the Seller’s listing, SeatGeek may cancel the sale and refund the Buyer all amounts paid to the Seller.