Question: How Do I Use Ticketmaster Ticket Insurance?

How do I return tickets from Ticketmaster to insurance?

How to request a Refund

  • Sign into your Ticketmaster account and select your order.
  • Select “Refund”
  • Choose the tickets you’d like refunded.
  • Review the details and submit.

Can you cancel ticket insurance on Ticketmaster?

If for any reason, you wish to cancel your plan during the review period, you will be refunded your premium as long as you haven’t filed a claim or attended your event.

How much is it to protect tickets on Ticketmaster?

The cost was $7 a ticket — 17.5 percent of the ticket price. I clicked the “no” box to decline the offer. But in August, I noticed a $42 charge for “event insurance” on my credit card statement. I called Ticketmaster and was referred to the company that actually markets this product, Mondial Assistance.

How does insurance on concert tickets work?

Allianz’s ticket insurance will cover you for missing an event not only in the case of illness or car breakdowns, but also if your house catches fire. It also will cover you if you die. Seriously, it says that. You’ll be compensated for your ticket cost if you die before the event.