Quick Answer: How Do I Get Money Out Of My Flash Seats Account?

How do I get money from my Flash Seats account?

Transferring Money from Flash Seats to Your Bank Account

  • Click Account.
  • Click the EFT button.
  • From the Transfer To drop-down, choose the bank account you want to transfer your balance to.
  • In the Transfer Amount field, enter the amount you want to transfer to the bank account you selected.
  • Click the Continue button.

How do I convert Flash seats to paper tickets?

Log in to your Flash Seats account. Click Sell or Transfer at the top of the page. Just above the Your Tickets section, click list of events to check to see if your venue supports the conversion of paper tickets to Flash Seats. Then click Convert Paper Tickets to Flash Seats to proceed with the conversion.

How do you redeem Flash Seats?

Just take it to the ushers and they will be able to seat you accordingly. You can also enter events with the Flash Seats mobile app on your phone. Just download the app to your phone, log into your Flash Seats account and show your Mobile ID to the gate attendant who will scan it for entry.

How does Flash Seats transfer work?

Transfer in a Flash!

Select the game seats, click Transfer, enter your guest’s name and email address, and confirm. Your guests will get an email message telling them you sent them seats; they can use digital ticketing by entering their own form of digital ID.

Are Flash Seats refundable?

Refund policies vary by venue and event; by purchasing a Right, you agree to the refund policy of the associated venue and event. Flash Seats reserves the right to charge your account balance and/or credit card any amounts necessary to provide refunds for seats purchased and re-sold to another party.

Are Flash Seats reliable?

Legit, Reliable or a Scam? Flash Seats is a ticketing system based purely online. They claim that you can buy tickets to sold out events and resell the tickets you don’t use instantly.

How do you get your tickets through Flash Seats?



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Does Flash Seats charge transfer?

Buyer Connection Fee

When your bid to buy tickets is accepted, Flash Seats® adds a connection fee, which is charged to the buyer.

How does selling tickets on Flash Seats work?

In Flash Seats, when you list tickets for sale, buyers have the option to bid on them or buy the tickets immediately. As soon as you accept a bid, the transaction is completed and the buyer is charged. Any money from a ticket sale is placed into your Flash Seats account account balance.