Question: How Can I Contact SeatGeek?

How do I contact SeatGeek?

You can contact SeatGeek across the following mediums: Email, Twitter, Web.

  • Customer Service. 212.
  • @seatgeek. Customer Service. 2 mins. 258.
  • Customer Service. 258.

How do I contact SeatGeek by phone?

Contact of SeatGeek customer service (phone, email)

  1. Contact SeatGeek: Find below customer service details of, US, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the event ticketing company.
  2. Head Office. 400 Lafayette St Fl 4,
  3. Customer Service. Email:
  4. About SeatGeek.

Can you get scammed on SeatGeek?

Your tickets should not ever be fraudulent. But, should you ever receive a fraudulent ticket, you should contact the vendor you purchased from right away and they will facilitate your refund. If that vendor is SeatGeek, get in touch with them at Jun 2019

How long does it take for SeatGeek to send tickets?

While most tickets on SeatGeek are E-Tickets that are uploaded to your account within 48 hours of the event, it’s possible to receive your tickets via another delivery method. If you don’t know how your tickets will be delivered, don’t worry!

Does SeatGeek refund?

SeatGeek has an all sales are final policy. Once an order is submitted, we are unable to refund, cancel, or exchange it. If you can’t use the tickets (or don’t want them anymore), it’s easy to re-list them on the SeatGeek Marketplace.

What do the colors mean on SeatGeek?

What does a blue dot or blue Deal Score mean? Blue is the color assigned to ticket listings for which Deal Score cannot be calculated. This usually happens when SeatGeek can’t make sense of the ticket information that is provided on the seller’s website.

Does SeatGeek have fees?

SeatGeek. Unlike most online ticket sellers, SeatGeek includes fees in ticket prices, and since individual sellers set prices, the fees can vary. While SeatGeek must charge service fees to earn money, its approach to selling tickets makes it much easier for you to compare ticket prices accurately.

How does SeatGeek make money?

Listing tickets on SeatGeek is completely free. When a ticket is successfully sold, SeatGeek takes a 15 percent fee off of the purchase price. While Seatgeek used to also make money from a stream that called “digital sales,” or other companies paying SeatGeek to advertise on the site, it no longer makes money this way.

Where is SeatGeek located?

SeatGeek headquarters is located at 400 Lafayette St, New York.

Does SeatGeek sell fake tickets?

At the end of the day, chances are your ticket is totally legit. Plus, once a seller has been shown to be problematic, they’re flagged with whatever vendor they’ve sold the fake ticket through and can no longer sell on that website. At SeatGeek, our goal is to get you into the event you paid to attend, period.

Does SeatGeek verify tickets?

Instant ticket delivery

There is no chance of delayed release for these tickets. Within very few minutes, you will have the delivery of those tickets in SeatGeek account.

Is SeatGeek better than Ticketmaster?

Not only can customers buy tickets, they can also sell their tickets on SeatGeek. Selling tickets on SeatGeek is easier than most other ticket websites with the following steps: Their website is transparent, the price you set, is the price customers see. SeatGeek does not add on extra fees.