Can You Sell Mobile Ticketmaster Tickets On StubHub?

Re: Selling mobile tickets from Ticketmaster

So no need to worry, just use the screenshot upload option.

How do I transfer tickets from Ticketmaster to StubHub?

Hello @Gaby_, thanks for reaching out! When you purchase tickets from a seller on StubHub that need to be transferred through the Ticketmaster system and they have been accepted, you will want to make sure you set up a Ticketmaster account using the same email address that you use to login to StubHub.

Can you sell mobile Ticketmaster tickets?

Sign in to your Ticketmaster Account and tap on your order to view tickets. Tap the Sell Tickets button. Select the ticket(s) you’d like to sell. Price your ticket(s) to sell.

Can you list tickets on Ticketmaster and StubHub at the same time?

Setting aside the various policies, you absolutely can — and may sellers do. I’ve seen the same ticket listed on StubHub and Ticketmaster. So, for example, if the same pair of tickets are sold on Ticketmaster and StubHub at the same time, the Ticketmaster sale will win.

How do you sell mobile transfer tickets on StubHub?

I sold a type of mobile ticket on StubHub. How do I transfer it to the buyer?

  • If you selected Mobile transfer.
  • Go to your original ticket provider account and find the tickets you sold (this could be Ticketmaster, the team, venue, or another ticketing company)

Why do my StubHub tickets say Ticketmaster?

It’s common for someone else’s name to be on a ticket. The name you see printed on them is typically the name of the original purchaser. When you buy tickets on StubHub we’ve you covered with FanProtect, which means every order is 100% guaranteed.

Is StubHub affiliated with Ticketmaster?

Is Stubhub owned by Ticketmaster/LiveNation? – Quora. No. Stubhub is not related to Ticketmaster/live nation.

Can I sell transfer tickets on Ticketmaster?

From Ticketmaster’s Sell Page, search by event, team or artists to start your listing. Select the event from the list, then tap the Sell Tickets button. Enter the ticket barcode(s) for the tickets you’d like to sell. Price your ticket(s) to sell.

Can I get a refund on Ticketmaster tickets?

How to request a Refund. Ticket refunds should be received within 7-10 business days. Note that if your event was canceled and you purchased tickets via Ticketmaster, you will automatically receive a refund and there is no need to reach out to Fan Support.

Does Ticketmaster charge to resell tickets?

When listing tickets, Ticketmaster shows you the price the buyer will see and the amount you will be paid if your tickets sell. The fee works out to about 14% of the sale price. This fee can vary based on your listing price.