Question: Can You Print Flash Seats Tickets?

How do I convert Flash seats to paper tickets?

Log in to your Flash Seats account.

Click Sell or Transfer at the top of the page.

Just above the Your Tickets section, click list of events to check to see if your venue supports the conversion of paper tickets to Flash Seats.

Then click Convert Paper Tickets to Flash Seats to proceed with the conversion.

Can I print out Flash Seats?

Once you arrive at the gate and scan your Mobile ID or swipe your credit card or driver’s license, a Seat Locator will be printed with your seat location on it. Just download the app to your phone, log into your Flash Seats account and show your Mobile ID to the gate attendant who will scan it for entry.

How do I get my tickets from Flash Seats?

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What are Flash Seats tickets?

Flash Seats is an ID-based digital ticketing system that allows you to enter an event with any form of convenient digital ID, such as a credit card or a Mobile ID through the Flash Seats mobile app. This concept, similar to the e-ticket in the airline industry, allows you to manage your season tickets via the Internet.