Quick Answer: Are Diamond Box Seats At Busch Stadium All Inclusive?

Are home field box seats at Busch Stadium all inclusive?

Busch Stadium All-Inclusive Areas Seating

The Roof Deck and Scoreboard Patio are two of the larger areas.

These sections are located in the outfield and are ideal for larger groups (though individual tickets are occasionally available).

What are diamond box seats at Busch Stadium?

Diamond Boxes

Diamond Box seats are located right behind the dugouts in the front portions of sections 140 through 145, in front of the Cardinals’ dugout, and 155 through 160, in front of the visitor’s dugout. The back portion of all sections in the Diamond Boxes contain Cardinals Infield Field Box Seats.

Is the Redbird Club at Busch Stadium all inclusive?

— Section 252 at Busch Stadium is a part of Redbird Club Seating. While you will have access to upscale dining and beverage options, all food and drink must be purchased separately and are not included

What are the best seats at Busch Stadium?

St. Louis Cardinals Loge Seating (200 Level)

The 200 level at Busch Stadium has some of the most desirable seats for catching a St Louis Cardinals game. The Redbird Club Seats are the most popular in the 200 level and include the Infield Redbird Club and the Home Redbird Club seats.

How much is a party suite at Busch Stadium?

Suites for concerts or other private events can go between $3,000-$13,000, depending on the location and event. The price of Busch Stadium suites vary based on matchup, location in the stadium, the type of seating option, and services requested.

What is home field box at Busch Stadium?

Busch Stadium Home Field Box Seating

Located on the lowest tier of the stadium, these infield seats are second in viewing experience only to the premium Cardinal Club seating directly behind home plate.

What are the green seats called at Busch Stadium?

The Cardinals Club, aka “the Green Seats” is located directly behind homeplate and features access to an exclusive club which includes an upscale pregame buffet and full-service bar, as well as in-seat food and beverage service during the game.

What is a drink rail seat at Busch Stadium?

During the game, you’ll receive all you can eat food and alcohol from a set menu delivered to your seats from a group of waiters. The entrances and restrooms are all private. You’ll also be given a parking pass for every 2 tickets in your possession. The Cardinals Club is one of the best experiences at Busch Stadium.

Which side is home dugout at Busch Stadium?

At which side of Busch Stadium is the visitor’s dugout? — The visitor dugout is located on the west side of the stadium, in front of Sections 155-158.

What is Redbird Club at Busch Stadium?

Redbird Club tickets do not include the cost of food-and-beverages. All Cardinals Redbird Club seats offer good views of the Major League game and represent a middle ground between the cheap seats high in the Busch Stadium Terrace and the expensive premium seating on the field level.

Is Home Redbird Club All Inclusive?

The Redbird Club is not all inclusive; but the quality and variety of huge portions of meats and treats are way better and well worth the club’s surprisingly economical prices. Complimentary window seating is great to eat in air conditioning, and watch the game from inside.

What is the Champions Club at Busch Stadium?

UMB Champions Club – Busch Stadium.

What side of Busch Stadium are in the shade?

The 200 level is well-protected, especially on the infield. In the upper deck, the third base side is the best side for shade. If you are sensitive to the sun, avoid all outfield seating at Busch Stadium during afternoon and early evening games.

Do the bleachers at Busch Stadium have backs?

We sat in the bleacher seats in the outfield; section 195. Even though the bleachers are metal, they at least have backs to them unlike Wrigley Field and Yankee Stadium. There are no cup holders in the Busch Stadium bleachers.

What is included in the infield Redbird Club at Busch Stadium?

Infield Redbird Club – 246. Great Club Level Seats in section 246 which provides club level padded seats with provide access to the Busch Stadium Redbird Club (an exclusive fully enclosed, climate controlled indoor area with upgraded concessions, restrooms, and seating).